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Advantages of a Sole Practitioner

Why should I hire a sole practitioner?

Conventional wisdom tells us that there is strength in numbers. However, simply because a law firm is bigger does not make it better. Experience is the key. With larger firms, you may consult with someone who is not evaluating your claims, but merely taking notes to pass information along to a more senior attorney. From your very first free consultation, you will be dealing directly with Attorney Preston Humphrey instead of a paralegal or less experienced associate attorney. Evaluation of your claims in a timely manner is critical and you will receive an honest, thorough assessment from an attorney with over 12 years of experience.

Larger firms have young associates work up your claims, but they rarely get to actually try your case before a jury. When your case is assigned for trial, a senior attorney has to step in and become familiar with your case, sometimes at the last minute. By being involved throughout the entire handling of your claims, Attorney Preston Humphrey is always up to speed concerning each and every detail of your case and is prepared to try your case. This preparation and dedication to your claims can be the difference between whether or not you receive just compensation.

Potential clients are often concerned as to whether or not a sole practitioner can stand up to large defense firms who represent major corporations. Attorney Preston Humphrey has been involved in litigation as a sole practitioner against several of the St. Louis area's biggest law firms. If your claim is worth fighting for, no opponent is too large.

If you or a loved one has been injured, please feel free to contact Attorney Preston Humphrey or call (314) 732-0758 (866-323-5481 toll free) to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.