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Federal Criminal Defense

The federal government has access to numerous agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Drug Enforcement Agency as investigative bodies. Once a federal indictment is returned, there is no more serious situation than United States of America v. You.  Even if you have previously pled guilty or been convicted of an offense in state court, you may still be prosecuted for the same event under federal laws.  While probation is often an option in state court, it is not so readily available for similar offenses under the federal system.

Not all criminal defense attorneys are familiar with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and federal court procedures. Even motions that are almost always filed in state court proceedings must be considered carefully before being filed in federal court as it could prevent the Government from giving additional acceptance of responsibility points in a plea agreement.

It is critical to have an experienced attorney when facing federal prosecution. Attorney Preston Humphrey has defended the accused in the Eastern District of Missouri and the Southern District of Illinois in casing involving drug conspiracy, felon in possession of firearms and white collar crimes. Though the vast majority of federal cases end in a plea agreement, Attorney Humphrey has tried federal criminal cases before a jury.  Attorney Humphrey has been entrusted by federal magistrate judges to represent the accused in situations where there are conflicts of interests for the Federal Public Defenders.

Preston Humphrey Esq., LLC offers affordable prices and payment arrangements for those facing federal prosecution.

If you are facing a federal indictment, have been summoned to appear before a federal grand jury or are facing revocation of your supervised release, contact Attorney Preston Humphrey or call 314-732-0758 (866-323-5481 toll free) to discuss your options.